Chimney Waterproofing in Thomaston 

Chimneys are highly exposed to the elements and, if left unprotected, are susceptible to structural deterioration. It is important to address this problem before serious damage occurs, with the help of Four Seasons Chimney & Roofing, LLC. Call us and let us waterproof your entire chimney with ChimneySaver water repellent. This water repellent is superior to other products in many ways and comes with a 10 year limited warranty.

An investment in long-term protection

Moisture from a variety of sources is always present in masonry and concrete. Sealers and silicone coatings form a water resistant surface film which traps water vapors inside. If these vapors cannot escape, they will contribute to spalling, scaling, deterioration, and freeze-thaw damage. ChimneySaver is 100% vapor permeable –a non film-forming water repellent that penetrates and lines masonry pores. It may cost a little extra, but isn't your home worth it? If you agree, call Four Seasons Chimney & Roofing, LLC in Thomaston, CT.
Chimney Waterproofing in Thomaston

Just breathe  

ChimneySaver contains patented siloxanes small enough to penetrate most masonry pores up to ¼” or more. These special siloxanes form strong bonds with the silica in masonry and concrete. Because of this bonding process, one application of ChimneySaver provides up to ten times the water repellent protection of typical sealers while maintaining the masonry’s breathability. Your chimney will breathe easier, and so will you! Call Four Seasons Chimney & Roofing, LLC today. 

Help us help you 

At Four Seasons Chimney & Roofing, LLC, we recommend ChimneySaver water repellent with complete confidence. We've used it for years and it delivers on its promises. No water repellent, however, is a substitute for good construction and workmanship. The first step in preventing water damage is to make necessary repairs to structural cracks, damaged crowns, flashings, deteriorated bricks, and mortar joints. Fortunately, we can handle that, too. Call today for a free quote!
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